Oven Igniter

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Part Number PD00000006
Manufacturer Part 00492431
Manufactured By Bosch OEM
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Part Description

Gas Range Oven Igniter.  Includes wiring harness and mounting bracket.  This is a new GENUINE Bosch Replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Bosch

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This Part PD00000006 (Mfg #00492431) replaces these parts:

  • 20-01-500
  • 487383
  • 492431
  • 610098
  • 00487383

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 1107469
  • AP3674290
  • PS3472541
  • EAP3472541

Repair Stories

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  • Oven Igniter
Product Rating
michael from NY

Oven failed to ignite light


Torx bit and driver small adj. wrench

Repair & Advice

Replaced oven ignitor

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00000006 (Mfg #00492431) works with all models listed.
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Bosch HGS245UC/01 Free Standing Range
Bosch HGS252UC/01 Freestanding Gas Range
Bosch HGS255UC-01 Freestanding Gas Range
Bosch HGS255UC/01 Freestanding Gas Range
Bosch HGS256UC/01 Freestanding Gas Range
Bosch HGS3052UC/01 Gas Range
Bosch HGS5022UC-01 Gas Range
Bosch HGS7052UC/01 Gas Range
Bosch HGS7052UC/03 Range
Bosch HGS7052UC/04 Range
Bosch HGS7052UC/06 Range
Bosch HGS7052UC/07 Range
Bosch HGS7052UC/08 Range
Bosch HGS7132UC/01 Gas Range
Bosch HGS7282UC/01 Gas Range
Bosch HGS7282UC/02 Gas Range
Bosch HGS7282UC/03 Gas Range
Bosch HGS7282UC/04 Gas Range
Bosch HGS7282UC/05 Gas Range
Bosch HGS7282UC/06 Gas Range
Bosch HGS7282UC/07 Gas Range
Bosch HGS7282UC/08 Gas Range
Thermador PRG364EDH01 Range
Thermador PRG364EDH02 Range
Thermador PRG364GDH/01 Gas Range
Thermador PRL304EG02 Range
Thermador PRL304EG03 Range
Thermador PRL304EG04 Range
Thermador PRL304EH02 Range
Thermador PRL304GH-01 Gas Range
Thermador PRL364EDG02 Range
Thermador PRL364EDG03 Range
Thermador PRL364EDG04 Range
Thermador PRL364EDG05 Range
Thermador PRL364EDG06 Range
Thermador PRL364EDH02 Range
Thermador PRL364EDH03 Range
Thermador PRL364GDH-01 Gas Range
Thermador PRL366EG02 Range
Thermador PRL366EG03 Range
Thermador PRL366EH02 Range
Thermador PRL366GH-01 Gas Range
Thermador PRL486EDG02 Gas Range
Thermador PRL486EDG03 Gas Range
Thermador PRL486EDG04 Gas Range
Thermador PRL486EDPG-01 Gas Range
Thermador PRL486ELG02 Gas Range

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