Drain Pump & Motor

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Part Number PD00000003
Manufacturer Part 00436440
Manufactured By Bosch OEM
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Part Description

Front load washer drain pump assembly.  Includes drain pump motor, impeller (not available separately), pump housing, and pump filter.  New updated white pump housing replaces older black color pump housings.  This is a new GENUINE Bosch replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Bosch

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This Part PD00000003 (Mfg #00436440) replaces these parts:

  • 436440

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 1106007
  • AP3764202
  • PS3464593
  • EAP3464593

Repair Stories

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  • Drain Pump & Motor
Product Rating
Tim from SC

Washer would not drain water and go to E04 code



Repair & Advice

I opened the round access panel in the front, vacuumed excess water from pump, leaned the back of the machine against the wall on a 45 degree angle to make it a little easier to see, slide the bottom rubber mounts out of machine to loosen pump, remove the two hoses and the electric clip to twist the pump out of the hole and reinstall new pump in reverse order but my electrical clip was rotated 90 degrees on the new pump compared to the old one but worked fine

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  • Drain Pump & Motor
Product Rating
charles from MO

New pump broken in shipment, needed washer used anyway. Bad pump on washer needed replaced. Door seal most difficult part.


Hand tools, torx screwdriver

Repair & Advice

Fairly straight forward repair. You tube videos help save time

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  • Drain Pump & Motor
Product Rating
Emmet from TN

Would not drain


Wrench and screw driver

Repair & Advice

This pump failed after 9 months.

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00000003 (Mfg #00436440) works with all models listed.
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Bosch WFMC1001UC-02 Washer
Bosch WFMC1001UC/02 Washer
Bosch WFMC1001UC02 Washer
Bosch WFMC2100UC01 Washer
Bosch WFMC2100UC02 Washer
Bosch WFMC2201UC02 Washer
Bosch WFMC2201UC13 Washer
Bosch WFMC220BUC13 Washer
Bosch WFMC220BUC15 Washer
Bosch WFMC220BUC16 Washer
Bosch WFMC220RUC13 Washer
Bosch WFMC3200UC01 Nexxt Washer
Bosch WFMC3301UC02 Washer
Bosch WFMC4300UC01 Washer
Bosch WFMC5301UC/03 Washer
Bosch WFMC5301UC/13 Washer
Bosch WFMC5301UC03 Washer
Bosch WFMC5301UC04 Washer
Bosch WFMC5301UC07 Washer
Bosch WFMC5301UC09 Washer
Bosch WFMC5301UC10 Washer
Bosch WFMC5301UC12 Washer
Bosch WFMC5301UC13 Washer
Bosch WFMC5301UC15 Washer
Bosch WFMC5301UC16 Washer
Bosch WFMC530CUC13 Washer
Bosch WFMC530SUC07 Washer
Bosch WFMC530SUC13 Washer
Bosch WFMC5440UC-13 Washer
Bosch WFMC5440UC13 Washer
Bosch WFMC544SUC-15 Washer
Bosch WFMC544SUC15 Washer
Bosch WFMC5801UC/15 Washer
Bosch WFMC6400UC01 Nexxt Washer
Bosch WFMC6401UC/06 Washer
Bosch WFMC6401UC02 Washer
Bosch WFMC640SUC/06 Washer
Bosch WFMC640SUC01 Washer
Bosch WFMC8400UC13 Washer
Bosch WFMC8401UC/13 Washer
Bosch WFMC8401UC13 Washer
Bosch WFMC8440UC13 Washer
Bosch WFXD8400UC/01 Washer

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