Control Module

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Part Number PD00000001
Manufacturer Part 00266746
Manufactured By Bosch OEM
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Part Description

Dishwasher control module.  New improved design uses new updated surface mount LED's to replace older style control boards with larger red LED's. This is a new GENUINE Bosch replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Bosch

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This Part PD00000001 (Mfg #00266746) replaces these parts:

  • 266746
  • 263832
  • 264093
  • 264877

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 820940
  • AP2802870
  • PS3448454
  • EAP3448454

Repair Stories

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  • Control Module
Product Rating
Mike from MA

Wash cycle times changed randomly. Water would not heat.


Bent-nose pliers (needle-nose might work too) Torx screw driver

Repair & Advice

Control module works like a charm! Applies to Bosch SHU5314UC See for parts list & diagrams. Getting the dishwasher outer door panel off was fairly easy: 1) Open the dishwasher door all the way. NOTE for the next steps: There are two plastic blocks near the bottom of the door, sandwiched between the door panel (which you are about to remove) and the door interior. The blocks are not secured in place and if you don't have someone to hold the bottom of the door panel in place when you remove the last two screws, the blocks will fall out when the panel tips down. Have a helper handy! 2) Remove the torx screws from the door frame, starting at the top, just below the controller frame. Be sure to hold the panel in-place at the bottom of the door when removing the bottom two screws. 3) With all screws removed, close the dishwasher and the door panel should slide down. 4) Find the blocks I mentioned above. They are black and about 1.5" x 1.5", near the bottom end of the door, with no insulation behind them. Note how the blocks are positioned because they will likely fall out. With the door still shut, remove the controller panel frame. Getting the controller panel frame off was a bit more challenging due to the retainer clips. They required the bent-nosed pliers (needle-nosed might work too). Explaining how to remove the retainer clips without pictures is way too difficult. Just be aware that the controller panel frame is locked into place with two metal clips that look like the mini binder-clips, but without handles. You can see them if you look up under the controller panel frame at the left and right edges. Use the pliers to remove them. Then you should be able to pull the bottom of the controller panel frame out and lift up to remove. Now the easy part...replace the controller.

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  • Control Module
Product Rating
Joseph from VA

Runs continuous


Star screwdriver

Repair & Advice

Replaced complete module. Module snaps into place after removing old one. I used a flat blade screwdriver to pry snaps back to unlock them

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  • Control Module
Product Rating
Fred from IL

Would not turn on



Repair & Advice

Opened the control panel and saw that the control board was burnt. Ordered the replacement control board, installed it without a hitch and the dishwasher works great.


Model Cross Reference

This part PD00000001 (Mfg #00266746) works with all models listed.
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Bosch SHI6802 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6802UC-06 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6802UC-11 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6802UC-12 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6802UC/06 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6802UC/11 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6802UC/12 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6805 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6805UC-06 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6805UC-11 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6805UC-12 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6805UC/06 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6805UC/11 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6805UC/12 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6806 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6806UC-06 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6806UC-11 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6806UC-12 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6806UC/06 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6806UC/11 Dishwasher
Bosch SHI6806UC/12 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5302UC/06 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5302UC/11 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5302UC/12 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5302UC/14 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5305UC-06 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5305UC-11 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5305UC-12 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5305UC/06 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5305UC/11 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5305UC/12 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5306UC/06 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5306UC/11 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5306UC/12 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5307UC/12 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5312UC-06 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5312UC-11 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5312UC-12 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5315UC-06 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5315UC-11 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5315UC-12 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU5315UC/06 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU6802UC/06 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU6802UC/11 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU6802UC/12 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU6805UC/06 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU6805UC/11 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU6805UC/12 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU6805UC06 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU6805UC11 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU6805UC12 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU6805UC14 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU6806UC/06 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU6806UC/11 Dishwasher
Bosch SHU6806UC/12 Dishwasher

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